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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  January 2, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's time for all the great videos you've been looking for "right this minute." >> so folks come across a calf stuck in a cave. >> and the calf fell 40 feet below and these guys weren't having it. >> see the tricky operation to get the cow out. >> are you kidding? >> no way! >> it's an unexpected scene when a bus driver pulls up to a man -- >> laying in the middle of the street, right on the hash marks.
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>> why police are hoping this roadside stumble will send a message. >> and a man sends a grammy some love. >> thank you so much. >> and while the students are away, the university president will be -- >> bored out of his mind. >> the video that shows he's the loneliest guy in school. >> you got to love hometown heros, especially hometown heros caught on video. you see him working on what seem like a makeshift pulley system. >> or a super size yo-yo. >> and a rope is attached to the back of the pickup truck. thenthere's a rope attached a tree. >> you're probably wondering
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why. >> look at the giant hole, the cave 40 feet deep. some coyotes chased a small cat into this cave and the cat fell 40 feet below and these guys weren't having it. they're the rescuers. the guy with the pulley system, one of his buddies is 40 feel the down in the hole. >> that contraption does not look like it would hold a small child and it's really going to pull a calf out of the hole? >> let's look, shall we? >> no way. >> you get nervous, you yes it. >> you hear it jaengling around like it's about to break. >> here comes the fella hand offer hand over hand. >> no way! >> you do feel like he has some kind of super human strength. >> the cat had no noticeable injuries. >> this is awesome to see how they put their brains in action.
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listen the end. >> are you okay, little cow? >> might be time to close off that cave, especially with that little kid in the background. >> and it's time to give andre the giant his yo-yo back. >> the u.k. police put out this video urging people not to drink and drive, the driving being done on a city bus, the drinking being done by that person laying in the middle of the street right on the hash marks of this narrow two-lane road. police believe this person was clearly intoxicated because of the wave he reacts in his video. he gets to his feet and he stumbles off to the side of the grass. >> he was under the influence of something. it also looks like it's someone who wants to be killed. they're just sitting there waiting for someone to run over them. >> of all the places to lie
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down. if you're that drunk, lay down in the bushes here. >> being urged not to drive, even though this wasn't a drinking and driving scenario, still trying to get that message out, be careful. >> and this first surveillance video, the suspect returns with a gun pointed right at the clerk, starts demanding money. >> nice stash, dude. nice face shot. your hoodie doing nothing to disguise you. >> they do get a clear shot of his face. he does get away with cash. the second one is at a market, does the same exact thing, same disguise as well. >> or lack of. >> let's hope he doesn't find the nerve to pull the trigger.
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>> this is a shot outside a convenience store, two guys minding their own business. this guy in the green jacket walks past them. as soon as they turn back in the frame, they realize in his hand is a handgun. >> he use it s it to rob the ot guy. apparently nothing good enough for him to take. but just as he's about to walk away with nothing, he does this. >> he shoots? >> he just shot one of the guys. >> he ended up hitting him at the hip. he went through his butt. >> he was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. >> what a jerk! >> he did it so nonchalant. >> at the end of every year, there's all kinds of lists that come out, the best of this, the
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best of that. this is not the list you want to be on, 2013 worst red light running collisions. this one here in miami, florida, the guy blows through the light, goes into the other lane, knoxville, tennessee, here goes through the light, flips over. the guy who ran the light ends up on his roof, that one really bad. fort lauderdale, what stood out to me, the immediate here. and almost hit that pedestrian. >> wow, that person barely ran away. >> wilmington, north carolina, hits into that big van and the van is the one that rolls over. tennessee, you can see in the first angle, barely touches it and then that car goes over and lands on its roof. hits into that suv, it rolls over but lands on all four wheels. that one from new jersey is
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crazy. the suv blows the light. watch how far that car that is hit goes. miami, florida, guy hits into that giant white box truck. it smashed up the whole front end of that suv and hit another car in the process. how do you not notice that? this is what happens when you run red lights. >> so frustrating, people driving distracted, not paying attention and other people just minding the rules, causing them problems. >> if you've ever wanted a racing experience like this, now there's a way. >> it's identical. >> how you can hit the tracks on a smaller scale. >> and find the cute way this pup tries to plow through. >> hasn't quite figured out space.
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. by now you've seen the latest installation of this series. over 15 million hits, many guys, many girls are watching this video saying i want to do that, i wish i could thrash a car around a track like ken does. you can for a mere $160 or thereabouts. the folks have created a scale model of ken block's car. it's identical, 1/18 scale
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model. not only did they build the model, they bought the exact track that ken raced on. >> i have to say this is really, really cool but you really let us down. you said we can do what ken does for a mere $160. we were thinking we were going to get to ride in the car. >> and i was ready to pay $160 for my booty to sit on that seat and drive that car. >> i still think it's cool. they did it down to the wheels. the rims are exactly the same, the course is exactly the same. and $160 wouldn't even cover the insurance to get in that car with ken. >> i'm really actually blown away by the drifting ability of the person controlling this car because you're doing it with like a little remote control steering wheel and they're able to drift with that much precision. >> that's really great. >> $160 gets you the remote control car, doesn't have to do anything, charge the batteries, boom.
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>> that's not a bad deal. >> well, here we go again. video of a young fella approaching a granny in a grocery store here and you see her purse is right there, out there in the open. >> i just want to say thank you for being you, yourself and only you. >> but this isn't a bad guy. this is a good guy, the guys celebrating granny appreciation day. >> you're a sweetheart. >> thank you very much. >> everybody can get behind that day. >> just going up to these older ladies and telling them, hey, thanks for being you. >> oh, my goodness, this is so sweet. what are you doing, walking along, making all these old ladies happy? >> that's what i do. >> take that home and keep it for a while. >> thank you. >> you don't need big presents
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and gifts. just appreciation and thought. >> i like this one. the woman was incredibly tickled. >> thank you. >> she was over the moon. >> this is for you. >> well, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> wow. you just made my day. >> aw. >> it's granny appreciation day. >> that's wonderful. thank you very much. >> in reality, national grandparents appreciation day is the first sunday after labor day but these guys decided to celebrate it now. >> every day should be national grandparents day. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. you're an awesome granny. >> these will break your heart because they're so cute. >> somebody's rude, put your
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frisbee on top of here where you can't get to it. >> he loves himself a frisbee. notice the owner is showing him the frisbee, zeus is getting very excited but notice the floor where it's kind of slippery. >> stay. >> what's going to happen once the frisbee is accessible? >> get it! >> zeus goes for it but he's slipping all over the place and can't grab the frisbee, he's going crazy about it. >> and now he can't even pick it up. there it goes. thank goodness for zeus. well trained, though. even when the frisbee was on the ground, he stayed until his dad said okay. >> this other video is so cute. it's puppy chow. he's just trying to get through the gate. he keeps running into it.
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>> hasn't quite figured out space. i'm too big to go in there. i keep thinking he's going to sneak through. butter him up. >> the helicopter ride that ends in an incredible start. >> talk about making an entrance. >> next "right this minute." >> what's the last photo on your phone? >> last photo on my phone is of a heavy metal chick wearing a mega death jacket. >> d photos really a thousand words. >> it started as personal curiosity. >> and find out why these guys are not as sharp as a tack. >> three, two, one. ah! oh!
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well phones have become such an integrated part of our lives. they really do more than call, they kind of document our lives. artist ivan cash took to the streets to ask a question, what is the last story on your phone? >> last photo is of a heavy metal chick wearing a jacket. >> you're going to get a random sample, some entertaining, goofy, touching stories. >> this morning i took a picture of my cat. my friend send me a picture from her cat [ bleep ] and she said the same. >> i love they're sending
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pictures of cat pop. >> my friend was making a gingerbread house and we took a picture of it duct taped together. >> all the responses are fascinating to listen to. >> it's a picture of me playing guitar naked. i don't remember much of the back story. i think i was pretty drunk. >> we have the artist joining us "right this minute" from new york city. ivan, has anybody asked you what the last photo on your phone is? >> oh, man, it's good actually i think. i was just hanging out with a lady friend of mine. actually, i normally don't -- >> yeah, you are normally don't do this kind of stuff. thank you for sharing your video and your project. why is this interesting to you? >> i deal with a lot of art that deals with the ordinary people, the ordinary, the mundane.
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these phones allow us to connect with people far away and at the same time hinder our act to connect with those around us. i started by a social experiment asking my friend, what's the last text on your phone, what's your last photo? >> were people willing or were they nervous about it? >> nine out of ten were willing. our photos reflect our lives and sometimes that's not something people want to show publicly. >> this entire series is interesting. if you want to see all the videos go to or check out our mobile app. >> if you're hard pressed to
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find something to be thankful for this year, just be thankful you're not these guys. we got the children of poseiden, they're going to see how many thumb tacks they can get stuck in their head. >> wow! >> there's a whole bunch. >> these groups, they dare each other to do these dumb things. just recently they answered the challenge from la phoenix. >> three, two, one! ah! ow! >> he's got them in he is head. you've completed the challenge. not these guys. watch what he does next. >> oh! >> he sounds like a honey
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badger. >> [ bleep ] man. >> let's get him out. >> this is in your [ bleep ] skull. i'm not kidding. >> that made me get queasy, watching guys slam their head into thumb tacks. >> i wouldn't try that at home. >> sorry, man. >> what happens to a university president while everyone else is on holiday break? >> he misses his students so much, he losing his mind. >> find out how when the students are away, the president will play -- the ñsxóxgñ
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>> some icy temperatures covered the midwest this week, icy being the operative word. these fellas decided to get out and test just how icy it really was outside with their spray bottle of water. >> you can see that icing over. >> and they're making ice on
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their cars. >> you can see that ice. >> you can see how cold it is outside. as soon as they spray that bottle of water, immediately it's ice. >> sure. well, what else happens, right? below zero water freezes. >> you can see that instant freeze. >> it's not really below zero. below 32. >> depends on what scale we're using here. >> oh, and this froze. >> you guys, they are spraying down everything. >> ice every time. >> this is the opposite of watching an egg fry in the car when it's hot in the summer. >> this video was made because t-payne really misses you.
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i don't mean the rapper. i mean the president of this university. the students are on break. he's bored out of his mind. the secretary isn't there. he's playing with his little soldiers, making sure every little book is aligned. >> this is the time you get the odd jobs done. it's a little empty nest syndrome. >> and he hangs out with the mascot the bulldog and sends a message to his students. we have dr. payne here on "right this minute." tell me why you decided to make this video. >> last year i had a individu videographer to my house. we had an idea and threw it together and sent it to the students and they loved it.
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i thought why don't we do another one, giving them a glimpse of what it's like when they're not around. >> what's been the reaction? >> it's been overwhelming. the students have loved it, i've got i don't knten calls from ot university presidents. >> do you feel like other universities are now going to try to steal you away because you're such a darn awesome university president? >> i don't think so. i don't think anyone at truman has anything to worry about there. i love it here and i love the students here. i hope it comes across in this video that i really feel a connection with our students and i hope to keep it for some time. >> that tricycle was pretty tiny. >> i tipped a few times.
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>> is there anything you didn't use? >> probably not measuring the basketball goalie. >> when the students come back, are you going to throw them a big welcome back party? >> that's an idea. i haven't gone that far yet. we might have to come up with something. i make it a point to interact with them. i think that makes it special, a lot of the students actually know me and know a bit of my personality and i think this fits with that. >>
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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. if you want great videos from the web, we got 'em, "right this minute". >> a champion of paragliders and a new acrobatic chute but this test proved to be


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